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Make healthy, snacking fun a regular thing at your workplace.

Set up a Brain Snacks Box subscription and get healthy snacks delivered to your office every month.

You can offer Brain Snacks as part of your workplace wellbeing program or alternatively set a price per snack and surplus funds can be donated to a charity of your choice or your company social club.


Here’s how it works: 

  1. Choose the number of Brain Snacks boxes you want to receive for your office each month (minimum of 4).
  1. You will receive your selected quantity of Brain Snacks Boxes in your first month  (each containing 16 of our assorted snacks).
  1. We will then send you the same quantity of refuel packs to replenish your Brain Snacks Boxes every month. This means you reuse your Brain Snacks Box which is better for the environment. 

Deliveries are made in the first week of every month.

Shipping to our standard delivery locations is included in the price. 

Contact us and we will be in touch pronto to discuss the best service and quantities to suit your workplace. 


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