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Corporate Events

Power Up with Brain Snacks

Do something different at your next corporate event

Brain Snacks are inspired snacks that stand out from the mass of muffins, scones and sweets. They’re deceptively delicious because each one is really, really good for you!

An antidote to mid-morning and 3 p.m. slumps, our snacks are all natural and specifically sourced to sustain energy levels, boost concentration and leave people feeling focused and ready to work. Designed to bring the best out in your existing menu or as a standalone supply, Brain Snacks are a little pop of snactackular goodness.


Why Brain Snacks are perfect for your next event

  • Protein rich with vitamins/minerals to keep brains actively engaged with your event

  • Gluten free, dairy free, paleo or vegan? Our range is perfectly designed for eaters with dietary requirements, with ingredients clearly labeled.

  • Perfect sized pocket packages so attendees can eat the right food at the right time, keeping stomachs soothed and energy up

  • A long shelf life and considerate packaging means that you can keep any unused Brain Snacks for your next event

We offer great rates for high volume orders.

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