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 Brain Snacks are delicious snacks designed to sustain energy levels, boost concentration and leave your people feeling great.

We have a range of snacking solutions to suit your workplace - delivered direct to your office!

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"We will definitely be ordering Brain Snacks again for future training days and events."

We used BrainSnacks for a training day as a healthy substitute to high sugar sweets and cakes that you generally would order. All the products were fresh and tasted amazing, the vege chips were a particular hit! We will definitely be ordering Brain Snacks again for future training days and events.

Lauren Spinelli

HR Manager

"We are so glad we found Brain Snacks'

"We reached out to Brain Snacks because our Chief Executive encourages a healthy workplace and was looking for a way to provide healthy snack options in the office.  We are so glad we found Brain Snacks!  With a variety of delicious and healthy snacks, not to mention impeccable customer service, the whole office looks forward to snack delivery day each week."

Natalie Moutafis, Administrator – Projects

Independent Schools Victoria

"Some things just make good sense.”

“Like all teams, we want to make good food decisions and stay focused throughout the day however we’re frustrated with the options available. The regular menu of muffins and mentos just doesn’t hit the spot. Now we’re delighted to be able to offer our staff and clients Brain Snacks to satisfy the need for physical and mental nourishment. The box, the bite size packs and the flavour always get a great response and it’s been a positive talking point. 
Some things just make good sense.”

Chris Paterson, Managing Director

ALCHEMY Career Management

'The response was amazing'

“When I introduced Brain Snacks to our product conference a few months back, we thought it would be safe to order a few muffins as well to please the crowd.  We shouldn’t have bothered!  The whole Brain Snacks box was empty before a single muffin was taken.  The response was amazing.  It was really interesting to see how many people are now much more conscious about their snack choices. 

It will be Brain Snacks all the way going forward.”

Megan Drummond, Senior Product Planner